On this faithful day being June 28th, 2018, my best friend came to me with the knowledge of a guy who had interest in me but I instantly refused because He was from olona(my home town) but after much persuasion assuring me He meant well I decided to go ahead, we started off on facebook as just friends and getting to know each other , from our first conversation I got comfortable , we exchanged contact and everyday didn’t go by without  communicating which is weird to me because i’m not the type to indulge people especially one I don’t fancy, however He was different, though not to be in a rush,I kept that feeling to myself , then one time he invited me over for a friends birthday sent my TP, but I didn’t show up intentionally lol.

I was expecting him to back off, he didn’t, let alone get mad,  then I knew in my heart this wasn’t ordinary, later on we got to meet finally in person after much posting, then we went on a date and there he asked me out ,I didn’t hesitate as I could see right through him that He was intentional about what He wants, as He has always been from the beginning even when I played around. 

Every moment from that day has been like the first day we met , not once have I regretted my response it felt like He was specially made for me,  it gets better each day, after two years on my birthday my soul mate asked me to spend forever with Him, there was no better gift I could have asked for and i knew in my heart this is a match made in Heaven, I said yes and i will say yes everyday for the rest of our life because being with Him has shown me what true love is all about.

 “Thank you for never giving up on me even when I gave you reasons to, cheers to forever soulmate” – Valerie

MAKE UP Glam By LJ, PLANNER Crystal Event Planner, BRIDE’s OUTFIT Mrs Oly Adora, PHOTOGRAPHY NewAceMedia.

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Fitzgerald Somadina
Fitzgerald Somadina
2 years ago

NewAceMedia again 🔥😍😍

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